High Gloss Surface Lamination

The process of coating and laminating high gloss film onto MDF panels is
based on ICO´s developed. With our innovation film between 40 to 300 micron
is hot melt coated and laminated onto board, coating weight between 50 to 200 g/m²

Handling Systems

Loading and unloading stations are part of a complete high gloss coating line.
Our board handling system is designed to handle MDF panels
of up to 4m length and 1,3 m width.
Up to 6 panels per minute can be laminated with film.

The complete pant includes:

Loading station
Precleaning and cleaning station
Coating station for film
Laminating station of film onto board
Laminating station of protective film onto the high gloss panel
Laser cutting station to separate the laminated film
Unloading station