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Coating Plants

Tailored for diverse materials and industries

ICO System is specialised in the design and construction of plants for coating a variety of different materials. These process are oriented strictly according to the wishes of our customers, who we advise based on our extensive experience in various industries. This leads to the creation of individual plants in close coordination in our in-house design department. These precisely match the customer’s needs and slot seamlessly into existing production processes.

Applications range from the automotive industry, for which we supply hot melt coating plants for materials in vehicle interiors, for instance, to the coating of paper or residential building doors. The plants can be equipped with a cleaning station to clean the materials to be coated. Our portfolio also includes high-gloss applications and corona surface treatments.

The coating plants are set up at our premises for acceptance before being shipped to customer production plants around the globe. The numbers in the names of the illustrated example units specify the width of the material to be coated in millimetres.

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